Welcome to our puppy Website. 
I have been raising dogs for over 
20 years. 
All of my babies are born in our home 
and handled daily. 
I believe the best dogs are made of a 
strong foundation in bloodlines, 
good food, lots of love, and most 
importantly a strong focus on health. 
Please feel free to surf my pages and 
drop me an E-Mail with any questions or 
comments you might have.

I think I might be one of the luckiest 
people around. 
I get to play with puppies everyday. 
There are several things that happen when 
I start each day with my dog family. 
Not only is it important to check food and water, 
but also you check each dog and make sure they 
are eating properly and are responsive to you 
with a positive reaction. 
If a dog seems slow or quiet I spend extra one 
on one time with them to ensure they are feeling well. 
My dogs are all special to me. 
I get great pleasure when I meet a new person 
and they take one of my babies home. 
I know they are going to get so much joy with their new baby.